HV discharges triggered by dual- and triple-frequency laser filaments.

  title={HV discharges triggered by dual- and triple-frequency laser filaments.},
  author={T. Produit and Pierre Walch and G. Schimmel and B. Mahieu and C. Herkommer and R. Jung and T. Metzger and K. Michel and Y. Andre and A. Mysyrowicz and A. Houard and J. Kasparian and J. Wolf},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={27 8},
We study the use of frequency upconversion schemes of near-IR picosecond laser pulses and compare their ability to guide and trigger electric discharges through filamentation in air. Upconversion, such as Second Harmonic Generation, is favorable for triggering electric discharges for given amount of available laser energy, even taking into account the losses inherent to frequency conversion. We focus on the practical question of optimizing the use of energy from a given available laser system… Expand
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