HURP Is Part of a Ran-Dependent Complex Involved in Spindle Formation

  title={HURP Is Part of a Ran-Dependent Complex Involved in Spindle Formation},
  author={Maria D. Koffa and Claudia M. Casanova and Rachel A Santarella and Thomas K{\"o}cher and Matthias Wilm and Iain W Mattaj},
  journal={Current Biology},
BACKGROUND GTP-loaded Ran induces the assembly of microtubules into aster-like and spindle-like structures in Xenopus egg extract. The microtubule-associated protein (MAP), TPX2, can mediate Ran's role in aster formation, but factors responsible for the transition from aster-like to spindle-like structures have not been described. RESULTS Here we identify a complex that is required for the conversion of aster-like to spindle-like structures. The complex consists of two characterized MAPs… CONTINUE READING
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