HTG-Based Kinematic Modeling for Positioning of a Multi-Articulated Wheeled Mobile Manipulator

  title={HTG-Based Kinematic Modeling for Positioning of a Multi-Articulated Wheeled Mobile Manipulator},
  author={Luis Adri{\'a}n Z{\'u}{\~n}iga-Avil{\'e}s and Jes{\'u}s Carlos Pedraza Ortega and Efr{\'e}n Gorrostieta Hurtado and Sa{\'u}l Tovar-Arriaga and Juan Manuel Ramos Arregu{\'i}n and Marco Antonio Aceves-Fern{\'a}ndez and Jos{\'e} Emilio Vargas Soto},
  journal={Journal of Intelligent \& Robotic Systems},
This paper presents a novel methodology for positioning an explosive ordnance device (EOD) which consists of a mobile manipulator with 12° of freedom. The approach uses an extension of a homogeneus transformation graph (HTG) which can be used in the kinematic modeling of mobile manipulators and unmanned aerial vehicles. In this approach the complete kinematics is modeled as one unit in contrast to previous approaches where the manipulator and mobile body are decoupled. The system is tested in… 

Analysis and Design of a Minimalist Step Climbing Robot

A novel yet simple step climbing robot is proposed and is comprised of two front wheels, a rear-wheel and an actuator to vary the center distance between the front and rear wheels, which reduced the probability of toppling of the proposed robot.

Design of an Anti-Slip Mechanism for Wheels of Step Climbing Robots

A shape memory alloy (SMA) actuated anti-slip mechanism for the wheels of step climbing robots that may be used for various unmanned robotic systems while mitigating step-like obstacles in the path is presented.



New Approach to Modeling and Simulation Methodology for the Mechatronic Design of IEDD-Unmanned Wheeled Mobile Manipulator

A new approach of methodology in the field of modeling and simulation of mechatronics designs of high complexity, formed by a mobile platform and a manipulator arm is presented, this methodology

Kinematic and dynamic model-based control of wheeled mobile manipulators: a unified framework for reactive approaches

This paper aims at providing a unified modeling framework for the reactive control of wheeled mobile manipulators (WMM), allowing the sequencing of operational tasks whose natures are different but also an on-line switching mechanism between constraints that are to be satisfied using the system redundancy.

Dynamics and Control for Nonholonomic Mobile Modular Manipulators

In this chapter, a nonholonomic mobile platform is attached to the modular manipulator in order to increase workspace of the entire robot and counteract the negative influence of highfrequency switching caused by robust control.

Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Redundancy Resolution in a Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Manipulator

The solution approach in this paper builds upon a dynamically consistent and decoupled partitioning of the articulated system dynamics between the external (task) space and internal (null) space to improve disturbance rejection and active reconfiguration during performance of end-effector tasks by a primary end- effector impedance mode controller.

ROBHAZ-DT2: design and integration of passive double tracked mobile manipulator system for explosive ordnance disposal

The design and integration of ROBHAZ-DT2 and the user interface unit including the haptic device could successfully demonstrate a typical EOD task requiring abilities of mobility and manipulation in outdoor environment.

Hybrid position/force control of a mobile manipulator based on cooperative task sharing

A unified approach to control a mobile manipulator which can be regarded as a redundant manipulator is described, realizing an optimal configuration control according to the motion of the end-effector.

Analytical configuration of wheeled robotic locomotion

Through their ability to navigate and perform tasks in unstructured environments, robots have made their way into applications like farming, earth moving, waste clean-up and exploration. All mobile

Decentralised adaptive fuzzy control of coordinated multiple mobile manipulators interacting with non-rigid environments

This study designs decentralised adaptive fuzzy control based on impedance approach for coordinated multiple mobile manipulators using Lyapunov synthesis, and figuratively demonstrates that the motion/force-tracking errors converge to zero, whereas the internal force-tracking error remains bounded and can be made arbitrarily small.

Manipulability of Wheeled Mobile Manipulators: Application to Motion Generation

A systematic modeling of the nonholonomic mobile manipulators built from a robotic arm mounted on a wheeled mobile platform and the optimization of criteria inherited from manipulability considerations are given to generate the controls of the system when its end effector motion is imposed.

Wearable haptic-based multi-modal teleoperation of field mobile manipulator for explosive ordnance disposal

This research provides multi-modalities such as visual, auditory and haptic sense that enables an operator to control every functions of a field robot more intuitively and an EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) demonstration is conducted to verify the validity of the proposed wearable multi- modal user interface.