HST1, a new member of the SIR2 family of genes.


A novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene, HST1, was identified from among anonymous cDNAs and the complete corresponding genomic clone was isolated and sequenced. HST1 is very closely related to SIR2, showing 71% sequence identity over 84% of its length. Polymerase chain reaction with degenerate primers on S. cerevisiae DNA identified three additional SIR2-related genes designated HST2, HST3 and HST4. The sequences of HST2, HST3 and HST4 correspond to sequences previously released by the S. cerevisiae genome sequencing project as U33335, NCBI gi:965078; X87331, NCBI gi:829135; and Z48784, YD9346.03, respectively. Disruption of HST1 has shown no phenotype with respect to mechanisms in which SIR2 has a role, namely, regional silencing of HML alpha, or in rDNA recombination.


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