HSPA12B attenuates acute lung injury during endotoxemia in mice.

  title={HSPA12B attenuates acute lung injury during endotoxemia in mice.},
  author={Xiaojin Zhang and Jingjin Li and Chuanfu Li and Yuehua Li and Weina Zhu and Hongmei Zhou and Zhengnian Ding and Li Liu},
  journal={International immunopharmacology},
  volume={29 2},
Acute lung injury (ALI) is a critical manifestation of sepsis/septic shock. Heat shock protein A12B (HSPA12B), an endothelial cell-expressed heat shock protein, shows a negative regulation of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammation in myocardium and endothelial cells. However, it is unclear whether HSPA12B exerts protective effects against ALI during sepsis/septic shock. In this study, we treated HSPA12B transgenic mice (Tg) and wild type littermates (WT) with LPS for 6h to induce… CONTINUE READING