HSP90beta is involved in signaling prolactin-induced apoptosis in newt testis.

  title={HSP90beta is involved in signaling prolactin-induced apoptosis in newt testis.},
  author={Buget Saribek and Yuji Jin and Mikiko Saigo and Ko Eto and Shin-Ichi Abe},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={349 4},
We have shown in vivo and in vitro that prolactin induces apoptosis in the 7th generation of spermatogonia during newt spermatogenesis, but the underlying molecular mechanism remained unknown. To determine the role of heat shock protein (HSP) 90beta, a molecular chaperone for client proteins in signal transduction and transcriptional regulation, in prolactin-induced apoptosis, we cloned HSP90beta cDNA from newt testis. HSP90beta was detected highly at spermatogonial stage and in both the… CONTINUE READING
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