HR analytics: Employee attrition analysis using logistic regression

  title={HR analytics: Employee attrition analysis using logistic regression},
  author={Irwan Setiawan and Suprihanto Suprihanto and A C Nugraha and Jeperson Hutahaean},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering},
Employee attrition can become a serious issue because of the impacts on the organization’s competitive advantage. It can become costly for an organization. The cost of employee attrition would be the cost related to the human resources life cycle, lost knowledge, employee morale, and organizational culture. This study aimed to analyze employee attrition using logistic regression. The result obtained can be used by the management to understand what modifications they should perform to the… 

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The objective of the conceptual paper for analysing the opportunities and challenges of HR Analytics for reducing the attrition rate in the organization. The paper highlighted the important reasons

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In this paper, the correlation matrix was utilized to see some features that were not significantly correlated with other attributes and removed them from the dataset, and binary logistic regression quantitative analysis found that employees who work in Human Resource have a higher tendency to leave.

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The proposed work utilizes the deep learning technique along with some preprocessing steps to improve the prediction of employee attrition to reveal their intercorrelation and to demonstrate the dominant ones.

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Volatility in the Relative Standard Deviation of Target Fulfilment as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) In this study, we identify the relative standard deviation volatility (RSD volatility) in the

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. Albeit to varying degrees, employee attrition is a costly challenge faced by many employers [13]. In this paper, we present a model for predicting employee attrition, as well as discuss the

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IBM Watson Human Resource Employee Attrition Dataset is analysed to predict the employee attrition based on five selected attributes which are Gender, Distance from Home, Environment Satisfaction,

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Several psychosocial work factors are identified as factors associated with a reduced risk of production losses among employees despite the nature of the work environment problem.

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