HPV16 E7 Genetic Conservation Is Critical to Carcinogenesis

  title={HPV16 E7 Genetic Conservation Is Critical to Carcinogenesis},
  author={Lisa Mirabello and Meredith Yeager and Kai F. Yu and Gary M Clifford and Yanzi Xiao and Bin Zhu and Michael Cullen and Joseph F. Boland and Nicolas Wentzensen and Chase W. Nelson and Tina R Raine-Bennett and Zigui Chen and Sara E. Bass and Lei Song and Qi Yang and Mia K. Steinberg and Laurie A. Burdett and Michael Dean and David E. Roberson and Jason Mitchell and Thomas S. Lorey and Silvia Franceschi and Philip E. Castle and Joan L. Walker and Rosemary Zuna and Aim{\'e}e R Kreimer and Daniel C Beachler and Allan Hildesheim and Paula Gonz{\'a}lez and Carolina Porras and Robert D Burk and Mark H. Schiffman},
Although most cervical human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) infections become undetectable within 1-2 years, persistent HPV16 causes half of all cervical cancers. We used a novel HPV whole-genome sequencing technique to evaluate an exceptionally large collection of 5,570 HPV16-infected case-control samples to determine whether viral genetic variation influences risk of cervical precancer and cancer. We observed thousands of unique HPV16 genomes; very few women shared the identical HPV16… CONTINUE READING
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