HPV Involvement in Head and Neck Cancers: Comprehensive Assessment of Biomarkers in 3680 Patients.

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  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={108 6},
  • X. Castellsagué, L. Alemany, +59 authors F. Xavier Bosch
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of the National Cancer Institute
  • BACKGROUND We conducted a large international study to estimate fractions of head and neck cancers (HNCs) attributable to human papillomavirus (HPV-AFs) using six HPV-related biomarkers of viral detection, transcription, and cellular transformation. METHODS Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cancer tissues of the oral cavity (OC), pharynx, and larynx were collected from pathology archives in 29 countries. All samples were subject to histopathological evaluation, DNA quality control, and HPV… CONTINUE READING

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