HPC-ICTM: a Parallel Model for Geographic Categorization

  title={HPC-ICTM: a Parallel Model for Geographic Categorization},
  author={Rafael K. S. Silva and C{\'e}sar A. F. De Rose and Marilton S. de Aguiar and Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro and Ant{\^o}nio Carlos da Rocha Costa},
  journal={IEEE John Vincent Atanasoff 2006 International Symposium on Modern Computing (JVA'06)},
This paper presents a parallel version of the interval categorizer tessellation-based model (ICTM) for the simultaneous categorization of geographic regions considering several characteristics (e.g., relief vegetation, land use etc.) in clusters, called HPC-ICTM. Interval techniques are used for the modeling of uncertain data and the control of discretization errors. We analyze the performance of the HPC-ICTM and present results concerning its application to the relief/land-use categorization… CONTINUE READING