HOX gene activation by retinoic acid.


Vertebrate homeobox genes of the Hox family are, like Drosophila homeotic genes, organized in gene clusters and show a strict correspondence, or collinearity, between the order of the genes (3' to 5') within the chromosomal cluster and that of their expression domains (anterior to posterior) in the embryo. Recent data obtained from embryonal carcinoma cells induced to differentiate by retinoic acid cast some light on the molecular mechanisms underlying the collinear expression of the Hox genes.

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@article{Boncinelli1991HOXGA, title={HOX gene activation by retinoic acid.}, author={E. Boncinelli and Antonio Simeone and Dario Acampora and Fulvio Mavilio}, journal={Trends in genetics : TIG}, year={1991}, volume={7 10}, pages={329-34} }