HOX GENES: Seductive Science, Mysterious Mechanisms

  title={HOX GENES: Seductive Science, Mysterious Mechanisms},
  author={Terrence R J Lappin and David G. Grier and Alexander D Thompson and Henry L. Halliday},
  booktitle={The Ulster medical journal},
HOX genes are evolutionarily highly conserved. The HOX proteins which they encode are master regulators of embryonic development and continue to be expressed throughout postnatal life. The 39 human HOX genes are located in four clusters (A-D) on different chromosomes at 7p15, 17q21 [corrected] 12q13, and 2q31 respectively and are assumed to have arisen by duplication and divergence from a primordial homeobox gene. Disorders of limb formation, such as hand-foot-genital syndrome, have been traced… CONTINUE READING
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