HOX-4 genes and the morphogenesis of mammalian genitalia.

  title={HOX-4 genes and the morphogenesis of mammalian genitalia.},
  author={Pascal Doll{\'e} and Juan Carlos Izpis{\'u}a-Belmonte and J Mark Brown and Cheryll Tickle and Denis Duboule},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={5 10},
We examined the temporal and spatial expression patterns of the homeo box HOX-4 complex genes during the morphogenesis of the genitalia of mice. The results show that only those Hox-4 genes that are expressed very posteriorly in the trunk, or very distally in the limbs, seem to be involved in the patterning of the genital tubercle. This is consistent with the idea of "temporal colinearity", which suggests that the very last structure to require patterning during vertebrate development will… CONTINUE READING
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