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HORSEPLAY IN HARAPPA The Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax

  title={HORSEPLAY IN HARAPPA The Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax},
  author={Michael Witzel},
L summer the Indian press carried sensational stories announcing the final decipherment of the Harappan or Indus Valley script. A United News of India dispatch on July 11, 1999, picked up throughout South Asia, reported on new research by “noted historian, N.S. Rajaram, who along with palaeographist Dr. Natwar Jha, has read and deciphered the messages on more than 2,000 Harappan seals.” Discussion of the messages was promised in Rajaram and Jha’s upcoming book, The Deciphered Indus Script. For… Expand

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Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions 2
  • The Deciphered Indus Script, cited earlier, except for the three animals on the right in the photograph on page 10, which are taken from John Marshall, Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization
  • 1931
Mohenjo Daro Museum 742, JL 884; photographed by Jyrki Lyytikkä. Courtesy Department of Archaeology and Museums
    of A. Parpola's photographic corpus (**) = DK 5582, Mohenjo Daro Museum 778
    • P