HOM/Hox type homeoboxes in the chelicerate Limulus polyphemus.


The polymerase chain reaction was used to survey HOM/Hox type homeobox genes in the North American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus. The survey reveals 28 different homeobox fragments possessing 44-80% nucleotide sequence similarity with HOM-C sequences in Drosophila and Hox B sequences in mouse. Limulus has one to four representatives of HOM/Hox cognates… (More)


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@article{Cartwright1993HOMHoxTH, title={HOM/Hox type homeoboxes in the chelicerate Limulus polyphemus.}, author={Patrick C. Cartwright and M. Dick and Lewis Buss}, journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution}, year={1993}, volume={2 3}, pages={185-92} }