HMGA1 protein is a novel target of the ATM kinase.

  title={HMGA1 protein is a novel target of the ATM kinase.},
  author={Francesca Pentimalli and Dario Palmieri and Roberto Pacelli and Corrado Garbi and Rossano Cesari and Eric Santos Martin and Giovanna Maria Pierantoni and Paolo Chieffi and Carlo M. Croce and Vincenzo Costanzo and Monica Fedele and Alfredo Fusco},
  journal={European journal of cancer},
  volume={44 17},
The high mobility group HMGA1 protein belongs to a family of architectural factors that play a role in chromosomal organisation and gene transcription regulation. HMGA1 overexpression represents a common feature of human malignant tumours and is causally associated with neoplastic transformation and metastatic progression. Recently, HMGA1 expression has been correlated with the presence of chromosomal rearrangements and suggested to promote genomic instability. Here, we report a novel… CONTINUE READING


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