HMG-D and histone H1 interplay during chromatin assembly and early embryogenesis.

  title={HMG-D and histone H1 interplay during chromatin assembly and early embryogenesis.},
  author={Sarbjit S. Ner and Tobias Blank and Mar{\'i}a de la Luz P{\'e}rez-Parall{\'e} and Thomas A. Grigliatti and Peter B. Becker and Andrew Travers},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 40},
HMG-D is an abundant chromosomal protein associated with condensed chromatin during the first nuclear cleavage cycles of the developing Drosophila embryo. We previously suggested that HMG-D might substitute for the linker histone H1 in the preblastoderm embryo and that this substitution might result in the characteristic less compacted chromatin. We have now studied the association of HMG-D with chromatin using a cell-free system for chromatin reconstitution derived from Drosophila embryos… CONTINUE READING
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