HLA typing in a new family with fletcher factor deficiency

  title={HLA typing in a new family with fletcher factor deficiency},
  author={Colette Raffoux and Paul Alexandre and Pascale Perrier and Marie E Briquel and F. Streiff},
  journal={Human Genetics},
In a nonrelated white family, the Fletcher factor level in the father was 0.41 U/ml and in the mother, 0.30 U/ml (controls, 0.75–1.25 U/ml). One sibling with recurrent epistaxis had a level of 0.012 U/ml, whereas the others without tendency to spontaneous bleeding had levels between 0.75 and 0.32 U/ml. This suggests autosomal recessive transmission with clinical symptoms when the defect is homozygous. HLA antigens were studied to determine whether characters of the histocompatibility system and… CONTINUE READING