HLA polymorphism in Israel. 7. The Babylonian Jews.

  title={HLA polymorphism in Israel. 7. The Babylonian Jews.},
  author={E. Gazit and Chaim Brautbar and Yoni Mizrachi and Rami Cohen and Henry Yehoshua and Ronit Zamir},
  journal={Tissue antigens},
  volume={11 3},
One hundred and twenty three Iraqi Jews, now living in Israel, were studied for their HLA polymorphism. Gene frequencies exceeding .1 were found for A1, A3, Aw19, B5, B12, and Bw35. A28, B8 and B14 were relatively rare whereas Aw25 and Bw37 were not found at all. Significant gametic associations occurred for (Aw23, Bw21), (Aw26, Bw16), (A11, B5), (A28, B8) and (A28, B7). The Iraqi Jewish population was found to be typical of Asiatics and Middle Easterners.