HLA association with hepatitis C virus infection.

  title={HLA association with hepatitis C virus infection.},
  author={Sasijit Vejbaesya and Sirirurg Songsivilai and Taweesak Tanwandee and S Rachaibun and R Chantangpol and Tararaj Dharakul},
  journal={Human immunology},
  volume={61 3},
Hepatitis is one of the most important infectious diseases in Thailand. The knowledge of host factors that influence the course of the disease is still limited. In this study, the HLA class I and class II phenotypes were analyzed in the 2 groups of HCV-infected Thai populations. The first group included 43 individuals with transient HCV infection (HCV antibody positive, HCV RNA PCR negative), and the second included 57 individuals with persistent chronic HCV infection (HCV antibody positive… CONTINUE READING

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