HLA and red blood group antigens in pregnancy disorders.

  title={HLA and red blood group antigens in pregnancy disorders.},
  author={Marijan Gerencer and Z. Singer and Sharon Pfeifer and Marija Toma{\vs}kovic and I Humar and V Mezuli{\'c} and Ivan Kuvaci{\'c} and L Zepi{\'c} and Andrija Kastelan},
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Total of 356 women with various types of pregnancy disorders as well as their husbands were classified in four groups regarding the type of the disorder as follows: 1. Recurrent spontaneous abortions (RSA) of unknown etiology (N = 105) and RSA - primary aborters only (N = 84); 2. Blighted ovum (N = 80); 3. Rh immunization in pregnancy (N = 90); 4. ABO… CONTINUE READING