HLA-DQB1 codon 57 is critical for peptide binding and recognition

  title={HLA-DQB1 codon 57 is critical for peptide binding and recognition},
  author={William W Kwok and Mary Ellen Domeier and Michael D. Johnson and Gerald T Nepom and David M Koelle},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={1253 - 1258}
The association of specific HLA-DQ alleles with autoimmunity is correlated with discrete polymorphisms in the HLA-DQ sequence that are localized within sites suitable for peptide recognition. The polymorphism at residue 57 of the DQB1 polypeptide is of particular interest since it may play a major structural role in the formation of a salt bridge structure at one end of the peptide-binding cleft of the DQ molecules. This polymorphism at residue 57 is a recurrent feature of HLA-DQ evolution… CONTINUE READING

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