HLA-DQA1 and MLC among HLA (generic)-identical unrelated individuals.


We modified a previously published PCR-RFLP for DQA1 typing (1) and examined the predictive value of HLA-DQA1 in mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLC) among matched (HLA generic types) pairs of unrelated individuals. There were 61/102 (60%) pairs with positive MLC, one-third of which could be predicted by DQA1* typing alone. DQA1 matching and MLC reactions were… (More)


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@article{Yunis1992HLADQA1AM, title={HLA-DQA1 and MLC among HLA (generic)-identical unrelated individuals.}, author={Ivan Yunis and Mario Salazar and Sharon M. Alosco and Natanael Gomez and E. J. Yunis}, journal={Tissue antigens}, year={1992}, volume={39 4}, pages={182-6} }