HLA Class I and II Profiles of Patients Presenting with Chagas' Disease

  title={HLA Class I and II Profiles of Patients Presenting with Chagas' Disease},
  author={Neifi Hassan Saloum Deghaide and Roberto Oliveira Dantas and Eduardo Ant{\^o}nio Donadi},
  journal={Digestive Diseases and Sciences},
To evaluate the HLA class I and II profiles ofa large group of patients with Chagas' disease, 176patients presenting with pure cardiomyopathy with heartfailure (N = 60), cardiomyopathy without heart failure (N = 18), pure digestive tract manifestations(N = 25), cardiac plus digestive disease (N = 40), andasymptomatic patients with positive serology for chronicTrypanosoma cruzi infection (N = 33) were studied. A total of 448 normal individuals were alsostudied in parallel. HLA class I and II… CONTINUE READING
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