HIV protease cleaves poly(A)-binding protein.

  title={HIV protease cleaves poly(A)-binding protein.},
  author={Enrique L Alvarez and Alfredo Castell{\'o} and Luis Men{\'e}ndez-Arias and Luis Carrasco},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={396 2},
The PABP [poly(A)-binding protein] is able to interact with the 3' poly(A) tail of eukaryotic mRNA, promoting its translation. Cleavage of PABP by viral proteases encoded by several picornaviruses and caliciviruses plays a role in the abrogation of cellular protein synthesis. We report that infection of MT-2 cells with HIV-1 leads to efficient proteolysis of PABP. Analysis of PABP integrity was carried out in BHK-21 (baby-hamster kidney) and COS-7 cells upon individual expression of the… CONTINUE READING


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