[HIV infection: a case report].


A case is presented of HIV-infection in a child born to an HIV(+) mother belonging to a high-risk group. The diagnosis was determined through multiple identification of anti-HIV-antibodies by means of the ELISA and Western blot tests in a child with lymphopenia, depressed CD4 lymphocyte count and diminished CD4 and CD8 index. Retrovir, among others, has been used in treatment. At present the child is 3.5 years-old and is developing normally. Persistent insignificant enlargement of all groups of lymphnodes, the liver and the spleen is present Full-blown AIDS has not developed yet.

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@article{ChlebcewiczSzuba1995HIVIA, title={[HIV infection: a case report].}, author={W Chlebcewicz-Szuba and L Idus and Regina Szydłowska}, journal={Pediatria polska}, year={1995}, volume={70 5}, pages={439-41} }