HIV and schistosomiasis co-infection in African children.

  title={HIV and schistosomiasis co-infection in African children.},
  author={Amaya L Bustinduy and Charles H King and Janet T. Scott and Sarah C Appleton and Jos{\'e} Carlos Sousa-Figueiredo and Martha Betson and J Russell Stothard},
  journal={The Lancet. Infectious diseases},
  volume={14 7},
HIV/AIDS and schistosomiasis both cause a substantial disease burden in sub-Saharan Africa and the two diseases often overlap in their epidemiological characteristics. Although disease-specific control interventions are continuing, potential synergies in the control efforts for these two diseases have not been investigated. With a focus on children with schistosomiasis, we assess the risk for increased HIV transmission, HIV progression, and impaired response to drugs when given alongside HIV… CONTINUE READING