HIV-2 CRF01_AB: first circulating recombinant form of HIV-2.

  title={HIV-2 CRF01_AB: first circulating recombinant form of HIV-2.},
  author={Shiro Ibe and Yoshiyuki Yokomaku and Teiichiro Shiino and Rie Tanaka and Junko Hattori and Seiichiro Fujisaki and Yasumasa Iwatani and Naoto Mamiya and Makoto Utsumi and Shingo Kato and Motohiro Hamaguchi and Wataru Sugiura},
  journal={Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes},
  volume={54 3},
BACKGROUND Five HIV-2-seropositive cases were recently identified in Japan, outside the HIV-2 endemic area of West Africa. To clarify the molecular epidemiology of HIV-2 in Japan, we analyzed sequences of these cases in detail. METHODS HIV-2 genetic groups were determined by gag and env sequences. For suspected recombinant isolates, the genetic structure was determined by full-length genomic analyses. To understand the history and evolution of HIV-2 recombinant isolates, we estimated the time… CONTINUE READING