HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein induces "maturation" of dimeric retroviral RNA in vitro.

  title={HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein induces "maturation" of dimeric retroviral RNA in vitro.},
  author={Yang Feng and Terry D. Copeland and Louis E. Henderson and Robert J. Gorelick and William J Bosche and Judith G Levin and Alan Rein},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={93 15},
After a retrovirus particle is released from the cell, the dimeric genomic RNA undergoes a change in conformation. We have previously proposed that this change, termed maturation of the dimer, is due to the action of nucleocapsid (NC) protein on the RNA within the virus particle. We now report that treatment of a 345-base synthetic fragment of Harvey sarcoma virus RNA with recombinant or synthetic HIV-1 NC protein converts a less stable form of dimeric RNA to a more stable form. This phenomenon… CONTINUE READING
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