HIV-1 infection in China

  title={HIV-1 infection in China},
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Future Orientation Among Children Affected by Parental HIV in China: An Exploratory Analysis of Complex Interactions
We utilized an exploratory analytic approach to examine predictors of children's future beliefs, an internal asset associated with resilience among children affected by HIV, with emphasis on complex
Crystal structure of benzoato-κO-bis(1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane-κP)silver(I) monohydrate C19H31AgN6O3P2
Abstract C19H31AgN6O3P2, monoclinic, P21/c (no. 14), a = 16.5661(8) Å, b = 6.1644(3) Å, c = 23.8822(10) Å, β = 114.553(3)°, V = 2218.32(18) Å3, Z = 4, Rgt(F) = 0.0188, wRref(F2) = 0.0525, T = 100(2)
The Pharmacology of Actoprotectors: Practical Application for Improvement of Mental and Physical Performance
The history of actoprotectors’ development, their pharmacological properties, mechanism of action, and practical application to the improvement of mental and physical performance are explored.
Female Sex Workers in China: Vectors of Disease?
Analyzing the extent by which Chinese female sex workers serve as vectors of HIV/AIDS to an otherwise spared general population and the implications of centering efforts solely on this high-risk group shows the role that structural factors can have on HIV transmission above and beyond individual high- risk behaviors.
Molecular characterization of HIV-1 Subtype C strains from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with a special emphasis on viral fitness and drug resistance.
s presented or accepted 1. Gordon M, Graham N, Ruth Bland, Nigel Rollins, Claassen M, Coovadia HM, Bennish M, Cassol S. Resistance patterns in mother-infant pairs following single dose nevirapine
HIV and AIDS in the People's Republic of China: a collaborative review
It is recognized in China that prevention and educational strategies will need to be at the forefront of approaches to control this epidemic and alternative strategies to manage HIV infection are being considered.
A study on female sex workers in southern China (Shenzhen): HIV-related knowledge, condom use and STD history
The data has confirmed the worries regarding the potential 'bridging effect' of HIV transmission as resulted by cross-border commercial sex-networking activities.
Near full-length clones and reference sequences for subtype C isolates of HIV type 1 from three different continents.
All subtype C genomes contained a prematurely truncated second exon of rev, but other previously proposed sub type C signatures, including three potential NF-kappa B-binding sites in the viral promoter-enhancer regions, were found in only a subset of these genomes.
HIV type 1 subtypes in Guangxi Province, China, 1996.
This work investigated the molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in Guangxi, a southwestern Chinese province bordering Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangdong provinces and northern Vietnam and has a population of approximately 45 million, of whom about a third are ethnic minorities.


Risk factors for intravenous drug use and sharing equipment among young male drug users in Longchuan County, south-west China
The incidence of intravenous drug use and sharing equipment is increasing and it is urgent that vigorous, effective intervention programs be initiated in southern Yunnan.