HIV, HPV Researchers Honored, But One Scientist Is Left Out

  title={HIV, HPV Researchers Honored, But One Scientist Is Left Out},
  author={J. Cohen and Martin Enserink},
  pages={174 - 175}
The 2008 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine has been awarded to Luc Montagnier and FranA§oise BarrA©-Sinoussi for their discovery of the virus that causes AIDS--but not Robert Gallo, whom many consider to have co-discovered the virus with Montagnier. A third prize went to German virologist Harald zur Hausen for finding that human papillomaviruses can cause cervical cancer. 
2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology for discovery of HPV and HIV viruses – short history of discovery of HIV
Summary In 2008 the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology was divided and half of it awarded discovery of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and its correlation with women's cervical cancer, and the
The saga of the HIV controversy
Two scientists were honored recently with a Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV. A third scientist was ignored. Over the past two decades, there has been a bitter controversy around the discovery of
Kudos to The Virus Hunters
To The Editor: On 6th October the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden announced The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2008, and virologists all over the world had a lot
Cancer and AIDS
The history of cancer dates back to ancient times as documented in paleopathology. The suffering associated with the disease is a global experience, leading to its names in cultures, invariably
Antiviral therapy for the sexually transmitted viruses: recent updates on vaccine development
The efforts directed toward development of effective vaccines using different laboratory animal models including mice, guinea pig or non-human primates in preclinical trials, and human in clinical trials with different phases are discussed.
New biological research and understanding of Papanicolaou's test
The causes and consequences of nuclear deformation are now linked to the mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis, and are still undergoing active investigation to reveal the details.
Novel Immunogens based on the gp41 protein of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 and Display Systems for their Affinity Maturation
A novel lentiviral display system based on HIV-1 was developed and gp41 was truncated N-terminally in order to dispose of immunodominant, non-neutralizing sites and enhance the exposure of conserved regions and its stabilization by zipper domains.
Studies on Cellular Host Factors Involved in the HIV-1 Life Cycle: A Dissertation
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Scientometrics of a pandemic: HIV/AIDS research in South Africa and the World
This investigation identifies the state of HIV/AIDS related research in South Africa vis-a-vis the rest of the world using evaluative scientometrics in order to inform relevant policy.
Problem‐solving test: The mechanism of action of a human papilloma virus oncoprotein
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Terms to be familiar with before you start to solve the test: human papilloma virus; cervical cancer; oncoproteins; malignant transformation; retinoblastoma protein; cell cycle; quiescent and cycling