author={Erin M. Harley},
  journal={Social Cognition},
Jurors in the U.S. legal system face a difficult challenge; they must ignore negative outcomes, and judge the defendant's pre–outcome actions in a fair way. This method of rejudging the past while trying to ignore certain information, makes jurors vulnerable to hindsight bias. In this article I review a growing body of research that demonstrates the detrimental effects of hindsight bias on legal decision making. Topics examined include: effects of hindsight bias on judgments of legal liability… 
Hindsight Bias and Law
Abstract. Hindsight bias is the tendency to overestimate the foreseeability of an outcome once it is known. This bias has implications for decisions made within the legal system, ranging from
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The purpose of this research was to investigate the role of hindsight bias in application of the felony-murder law, a controversial rule stating that felons can be held responsible for any
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Following a corporate disaster such as bankruptcy, people in general and damaged parties, in particular, want to know what happened and whether the company's directors are to blame The accurate
When being wise after the event results in injustice: Evidence for hindsight bias in judges’ negligence assessments.
Research on hindsight bias has demonstrated that people perceive and evaluate events differently once they know about their outcome. One facet of hindsight bias is that people often perceive past
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Reaching an accurate outcome is a central goal of the American trial. But structural features of the legal system, in combination with the cognitive shortcomings of legal actors, hinder the search
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Results showed that the presence of motive, skill, and previous violence influenced the jurors’ decision, significantly changing the verdict from negligent to intentional homicide.
Expert witness blinding strategies to mitigate bias in radiology malpractice cases: a comprehensive review of the literature.
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Does hindsight knowledge make research seem more ethical and predictable? In line with the notion of hindsight bias, students in 3 experiments knowing the outcome of an animal experiment judged the
Trust judgments and the hindsight bias effect
TRUST JUDGMENTS AND THE HINDSIGHT BIAS EFFECT Martin D. Smith-Rodden Old Dominion University, 2010 Director: Dr. Ivan K. Ash A decision to trust or not to trust can be examined within a broader
Looking Backward and Forward on Hindsight Bias
The same event that appeared unpredictable in foresight can be judged as predictable in hindsight. Hindsight bias clouds judgments in all areas of life, including legal decisions, medical diagnoses,


Reducing the Hindsight Bias Utilizing Attorney Closing Arguments
Results indicate that the hindsight debiasing strategy within the defense's closing argument was effective in reducing subject-juror hindsight bias.
Juror decision making, attitudes, and the hindsight bias
This study examines juror decision making in civil suits against police officers alleged to have engaged in illegal searches, using simulated case materials and mock jurors drawn both from adults
Conduct and its Consequences: Attempts at Debiasing Jury Judgments
Examination of the effectiveness of two procedural techniques intended to reduce or eliminate the impact of hindsight bias in negligence cases showed that admonitions were generally ineffective in guiding jurors to the proper use of evidence but that bifurcation was relatively more effective.
Juror Judgments in Civil Cases: Hindsight Effects on Judgments of Liability for Punitive Damages
An experiment was conducted to investigate whether hindsight bias influences an important class of legal decisions—civil jurors' judgments of liability for punitive damages. Jury-eligible citizens
The Effects of Hindsight Bias on Jurors' Evaluations of Auditor Decisions*
Hindsight bias refers to the tendency of individuals with outcome knowledge (hindsight) to alter their perception of an event such that, ex-post, one's assumed ability to predict an event is greater
The Mitigation of Hindsight Bias in Judges' Evaluation of Auditor Decisions
Key Words: Hindsight bias, Legal liability, Debiasing. Data Availability: The data upon which this paper is based may be obtained from the authors on request. INTRODUCTION Hindsight bias refers to an
Determinations of negligence and the hindsight bias
Examined the hindsight bias in determinations of negligence inTarasoff-type cases. The sample of 297 community residents was asked to read clinical case scenarios involving treatment of potentially
From Compassion to Compensation: The Effect of Injury Severity on Mock Jurors’ Liability Judgments
Two studies were performed to ascertain the effect of injury severity on participants' judgments in a simulated jury task. Participants read a summary of a personal-injury case in which the severity
The Effects of Injury Severity on Jury Negligence Decisions
According to the laws of negligence, jurors' liability decisions are to be influenced by the defendant's conduct, but not by the severity of the plaintiff's injuries. We conducted a jury simulation