HIF-driven SF3B1 induces KHK-C to enforce fructolysis and heart disease

  title={HIF-driven SF3B1 induces KHK-C to enforce fructolysis and heart disease},
  author={Peter Mirtschink and Jaya Krishnan and Fiona Grimm and Alexandre Sarre and Manuel H{\"o}rl and Melis Kayikci and Niklaus Fankhauser and Yann Christinat and C{\'e}dric Cortijo and Owen Feehan and Ana Vukolic and Samuel T. Sossalla and Sebastian N. Stehr and Ule Jernej and Nicola Zamboni and Thierry Pedrazzini and Wilhelm Krek},
Fructose is a major component of dietary sugar and its overconsumption exacerbates key pathological features of metabolic syndrome. The central fructose-metabolising enzyme is ketohexokinase (KHK), which exists in two isoforms: KHK-A and KHK-C, generated through mutually exclusive alternative splicing of KHK pre-mRNAs. KHK-C displays superior affinity for fructose compared with KHK-A and is produced primarily in the liver, thus restricting fructose metabolism almost exclusively to this organ… CONTINUE READING