HERVd: the Human Endogenous RetroViruses Database: update

  title={HERVd: the Human Endogenous RetroViruses Database: update},
  author={Jan Pa{\vc}es and Adam Pavl{\'i}cek and Radek Zika and Vladimir V. Kapitonov and Jerzy Jurka and V{\'a}clav Paces},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={32 Database issue},
An elaboration of HERVd (http://herv.img.cas.cz) is being carried out in two directions. One of them is the integration and better classification of families that diverge considerably from typical retroviral genomes. This leads to a more precise identification of members with individual families. The second improvement is better accessibility of the database and connection with human genome annotation.