HER2-dependent MMP-7 expression is mediated by activated STAT3.


MMP-7 expression is highly regulated at the level of transcription. An understanding of how the MMP-7 gene is regulated is critical to elucidate the mechanisms of MMP-7 overexpression in the early tumor development. In the present study, increased mRNA and protein expressions of MMP-7 were observed in MCF-7 cells stably overexpressing HER2 (MCF-7/HER2). The… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2008.02.017


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@article{Yuan2008HER2dependentME, title={HER2-dependent MMP-7 expression is mediated by activated STAT3.}, author={Guogang Yuan and Lu Qian and Ming Shi and Feng Lu and Dan Li and Meiru Hu and Ming Yu and Beifen Shen and Ning Guo}, journal={Cellular signalling}, year={2008}, volume={20 7}, pages={1284-91} }