HER2/neu expression in bladder cancer: relationship to cell cycle kinetics.

  title={HER2/neu expression in bladder cancer: relationship to cell cycle kinetics.},
  author={Sanaa Eissa and Heba S Ali and A H Al Tonsi and A S Zaglol and Omar El Ahmady},
  journal={Clinical biochemistry},
  volume={38 2},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The incidence of overexpression of HER2/neu in bladder cancer is one of the highest among all human malignancies tested; such overexpression is thought to play a role in the aberrant proliferation of cancer cells. This study was conducted to evaluate the quantitative assessment of HER2/neu expression by enzyme immunoassay (EIA) and its prognostic significance in differentiating between high and low proliferating tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS Tissue samples were… CONTINUE READING
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