HEMETβ: improvement of hepatocyte metabolism mathematical model.

  title={HEMETβ: improvement of hepatocyte metabolism mathematical model.},
  author={Gianni Orsi and Carmelo de Maria and Ma Guzzardi and Federico Vozzi and Giovanni Vozzi},
  journal={Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering},
  volume={14 10},
This article describes hepatocyte metabolism mathematical model (HEMETβ), which is an improved version of HEMET, an effective and versatile virtual cell model based on hepatic cell metabolism. HEMET is based on a set of non-linear differential equations, implemented in Simulink®, which describes the biochemical reactions and energetic cell state, and completely mimics the principal metabolic pathways in hepatic cells. The cell energy function and modular structure are the core of this model… CONTINUE READING