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HELIX: Data-driven characterization of Brazilian land snails

  title={HELIX: Data-driven characterization of Brazilian land snails},
  author={Marcelo N. Almeida and Rodolfo Alves de Oliveira and Luiz Olmes and Gustavo Silva Semaan and Daniel de Oliveira and Lucio Santos and Marcos Vinicius Naves Bedo},
  • Marcelo N. Almeida, Rodolfo Alves de Oliveira, +4 authors M. Bedo
  • Published 10 September 2021
  • Biology
Decision-support systems benefit from hidden patterns extracted from digital information. In the specific domain of gastropod characterization, morphometrical measurements support biologists in the identification of land snail specimens. Although snails can be easily identified by their excretory and reproductive systems, the after-death mollusk body is commonly inaccessible because of either soft material deterioration or fossilization. This study aims at characterizing Brazilian land snails… Expand

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