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Effects of Website Interactivity on Online Retail Shopping Behavior
This study presumes that websites with multimedia rich interactive utilities and features can influence online consumers’ shopping motivations and entice them to modify or even transform their original shopping predispositions by providing them with attractive and enhanced interactive features and controls, thus generating a positive attitude towards products and services offered by the retailer.
Repurchase in Online Shopping : Contingent Effects of Utilitarian Value and Hedonic Value
Value judgments, such as functional, emotional, utilitarian, and hedonic values have received considerable attention in recent years. However, research on these interrelationships has been somewhat
Analysis on Consumers’ Purchase and Shopping Well-Being in Online Shopping Carnivals with Two Motivational Dimensions
The development of online shopping carnivals (OSCs) is in full bloom due to the support of logistics industry and information technology. More and more people are keen to participate in them. This
Hedonic shopping motivation and co-shopper influence on utilitarian grocery shopping in superstores
Much prior literature has focused on how hedonic shopping motivation operates in hedonic shopping environments such as shopping malls, but few empirical studies have assessed hedonic shopping
Hedonic Motivations for Online Shopping
The purpose of this study is to investigate hedonic online shopping motivations. A qualitative analysis was conducted to explore the factors influencing online hedonic shopping motivations. The
Influence of hedonic and utilitarian motivation on impulse and rational buying behavior in online shopping
Abstract This study investigates the impact of hedonic/utilitarian motivation on online shopping behavior in the city of Coimbatore with respect to individual facets. Various factors that comprise of
Determining the Effects of Perceived Utilitarian and Hedonic Value on Online Shopping Intentions
In today’s digital world, the Internet is having vigorous and transformational effects on consumer’s behavior. Over the past ten years, consumers all over the world have increasingly used the
Examining Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations in Online Shopping in India : Moderating Effect of Product Browsing Behavior
117 Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Retrieval Number: A10220581C219/19©BEIESP ABSTRACT--Abstract: This study examined the connections between utilitarian as
Examining hedonic and utilitarian motivations for m-commerce fashion retail app engagement
The purpose of this paper is to explore the motivations of consumers engage with fashion retail applications (apps) from a consumer motivation perspective to inform the design for fashion retail


Work and/or Fun: Measuring Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Value
Consumer researchers' growing interest in consumer experiences has revealed that many consumption activities produce both hedonic and utilitarian outcomes. Thus, there is an increasing need for
Interactive Home Shopping: Consumer, Retailer, and Manufacturer Incentives to Participate in Electronic Marketplaces
The authors examine the implications of electronic shopping for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. They assume that near-term technological developments will offer consumers unparalleled
Wine Online: Search Costs and Competition on Price, Quality, and Distribution
A fundamental dilemma confronts retailers with stand-alone sites on the World Wide Web and those attempting to build electronic malls for delivery via the Internet, online services, or interactive
The consumer retail search process: A conceptual model and research agenda
Consumers are continually faced with the task of finding their way through a wide variety of retail environments. Surprisingly, very little research has addressed questions about how consumers
Consumer Acceptance of the Internet as a Channel of Distribution
Virtual Shopping: Breakthrough in Marketing Research
Publication languages: Data set: Elsevier Source The Journal of Product Innovation Management > 1996 > 13 > 6 > 558-559 Unfortunately, this is not a research report, but an advocacy presentation. A
An Investigation into the Social Context of Early Adoption Behavior
The social context of new product adoption behavior is a key aspect of the diffusion of innovations. Yet little is known about the process by which social contextual factors influence individual
External Search Effort: An Investigation across Several Product Categories
Utilizing an involvement perspective and Punj and Stewart's (1983) interaction framework of decision making, the relationship between external search effort and a number of motivating antecedent
A Motivational Model of Microcomputer Usage
Results provided substantial support for the proposition that perceived usefulness (rather than perceived fun or social pressure) is the principal motivator and demonstrated that perceived complexity is a key intervening variable linking the antecedent variables (skills, organizational support, and organizational usage) with the three motivational variables.
A Strategic Analysis of Electronic Marketplaces
Examination of how prices, seller profits, and buyer welfare are affected by reducing search costs in commodity and differentiated markets draws on economic models of search and creates numerous possibilities for the strategic use of electronic market systems.