HDBuzz: empowering patients through accessible education.


Research and patient communities are firmly interdependent. Engaged patient communities provide biological samples and data that drive discoveries which, in turn, fuel the development of novel therapies. Historically, Huntington's disease (HD) has benefited from trusting interactions between scientists and patients. However, even for HD, communication between the research and patient communities is suboptimal. The web platform HDBuzz was created to rectify this situation by providing accurate, accessible information on the latest HD research to patients and their supporters.

DOI: 10.1016/j.molmed.2011.09.003

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@article{Wild2012HDBuzzEP, title={HDBuzz: empowering patients through accessible education.}, author={Edward J. Wild and Jeffrey B. Carroll}, journal={Trends in molecular medicine}, year={2012}, volume={18 1}, pages={1-3} }