HD-Eye: Visual Mining of High-Dimensional Data

  title={HD-Eye: Visual Mining of High-Dimensional Data},
  author={Alexander Hinneburg and Daniel A. Keim and Markus Wawryniuk},
  journal={IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications},
iconic visualizations of pro j e c t i o n s The large number of possible contracting pro j e c t i o n s demand a visualization te ch n i que for displaying th e main pro p e rties of the data dist ribution of as many projections as possible. Since we’re inte re sted in fi n d i n g 7 5 Examples of a projection and separator tree. Clockwise from the top: a projection and separator tree, iconic representation for 1D p r o j e c t i o n s , c u rv e b a s e d density plots, c o l o r b a s e d… CONTINUE READING
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