HD 172555 : detection of 63 μ m [ OI ] emission in a debris disc

  title={HD 172555 : detection of 63 μ m [ OI ] emission in a debris disc},
  author={Pablo Riviere-Marichalar and David Barrado and J. C. Augereau and W. F -. Thi and Aki Roberge and Carlos Eiroa and Benjam{\'i}n Montesinos and Gwendolyn Meeus and Carl Q. Howard and G oran Sandell and Gaspard Duch{\^e}ne and William R. F. Dent and J. Lebreton and I. Mendigut{\'i}a and N. Hu{\'e}lamo and François M{\'e}nard and Christophe Pinte},
Context. HD 172555 is a young A7 star belonging to the β Pictoris moving group that harbours a debris disc. The Spitzer/IRS spectrum of the source showed mid-IR features such as silicates and glassy silica species, indicating the presence of a warm dust component with small grains, which places HD 172555 among the small group of debris discs with such properties. The IRS spectrum also shows a possible emission of SiO gas. Aims. We aim to study the dust distribution in the circumstellar disc of… CONTINUE READING


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