HCS-Analyzer: open source software for high-content screening data correction and analysis


MOTIVATION High-throughput screening is a powerful technology principally used by pharmaceutical industries allowing the identification of molecules of interest within large libraries. Originally target based, cellular assays provide a way to test compounds (or other biological material such as small interfering RNA) in a more physiologically realistic in vitro environment. High-content screening (HCS) platforms are now available at lower cost, giving the opportunity for universities or research institutes to access those technologies for research purposes. However, the amount of information extracted from each experiment is multiplexed and hence difficult to handle. In such context, there is an important need for an easy-to-use, but still powerful software able to manage multidimensional screening data by performing adapted quality control and classification. HCS-analyzer includes: a user-friendly interface specifically dedicated to HCS readouts, an automated approach to identify systematic errors potentially occurring during screening and a set of tools to classify, cluster and identify phenotypes of interest among large and multivariate data. AVAILABILITY The application, the C# .Net source code, as well as detailed documentation, are freely available at the following URL: http://hcs-analyzer.ip-korea.org.

DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts288

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@article{Ogier2012HCSAnalyzerOS, title={HCS-Analyzer: open source software for high-content screening data correction and analysis}, author={Arnaud Ogier and Thierry Dorval}, journal={Bioinformatics}, year={2012}, volume={28 14}, pages={1945-6} }