HCFRec: Hash Collaborative Filtering via Normalized Flow with Structural Consensus for Efficient Recommendation

  title={HCFRec: Hash Collaborative Filtering via Normalized Flow with Structural Consensus for Efficient Recommendation},
  author={Fan Wang and Weiming Liu and Chaochao Chen and Mengying Zhu and Xiaolin Zheng},
The ever-increasing data scale of user-item interactions makes it challenging for an effective and efficient recommender system. Recently, hash-based collaborative filtering (Hash-CF) approaches employ efficient Hamming distance of learned binary representations of users and items to accelerate recommendations. However, Hash-CF often faces two challenging problems, i.e., optimization on discrete representations and preserving semantic information in learned representations. To address the above… 


Compositional Coding for Collaborative Filtering
This work proposes the Compositional Coding for Collaborative Filtering (CCCF) framework, which not only gains better recommendation efficiency than the state-of-the-art binarized CF approaches but also achieves even higher accuracy than the real-valued CF method.
Discrete Personalized Ranking for Fast Collaborative Filtering from Implicit Feedback
A learning-based hashing framework called Discrete Personalized Ranking (DPR) is proposed, to map users and items to a Hamming space, where user-item affinity can be efficiently calculated via Hamming distance.
Dot-product based preference preserved hashing for fast collaborative filtering
A dot-product based preference preserved hashing method, which quantizes both norm and cosine similarity in dot product respectively, and an algorithm to optimize the bit length for norm quantization.
Distributed Collaborative Hashing and Its Applications in Ant Financial
DCH has comparable performance but has both fast convergence speed in offline model training procedure and realtime efficiency in online recommendation procedure and the encouraging performance of DCH is also shown for several real-world applications in Ant Financial.
Discrete Collaborative Filtering
This paper proposes a principled CF hashing framework called Discrete Collaborative Filtering (DCF), which directly tackles the challenging discrete optimization that should have been treated adequately in hashing, and devise a computationally efficient algorithm with a rigorous convergence proof of DCF.
Discrete Content-aware Matrix Factorization
A Discrete Content-aware Matrix Factorization (DCMF) model is proposed to derive compact yet informative binary codes at the presence of user/item content information and an efficient discrete optimization algorithm for parameter learning is developed.
Content-aware Neural Hashing for Cold-start Recommendation
This work presents a content-aware neural hashing-based collaborative filtering approach (NeuHash-CF), which generates binary hash codes for users and items, such that the highly efficient Hamming distance can be used for estimating user-item relevance.
Collaborative Filtering on a Budget
This paper proposes a new model for representing and compressing matrix factors via hashing that allows for essentially unbounded storage (at a graceful storage / performance trade-off) for users and items to be represented in a pre-defined memory footprint.
Preference preserving hashing for efficient recommendation
Experiments show that the recommendation speed of the proposed PPH algorithm can be hundreds of times faster than original MF with real-valued features, and the recommendation accuracy is significantly better than previous work of hashing for recommendation.
Privacy-Aware Cross-Platform Service Recommendation Based on Enhanced Locality-Sensitive Hashing
The classic Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH) technique is enhanced, after which an approach based on enhanced LSH is proposed for accurate and less-sensitive cross-platform recommendation decision-makings.