HC+: Towards a Framework for Improving Processes in Health Organizations by Means of Security and Data Quality Management

  title={HC+: Towards a Framework for Improving Processes in Health Organizations by Means of Security and Data Quality Management},
  author={Ismael Caballero and Lu{\'i}s Enrique Sanchez and Alberto Freitas and Eduardo Fern{\'a}ndez-Medina},
  journal={J. Univers. Comput. Sci.},
There is currently a need to optimize the levels of perceived quality in most public services. Some of the most critical services are those related to Health, since health and welfare are fundamental to the population as a whole. Both public and private Health organizations are therefore interested in quantifying how good their services are, and to what extent the population is satisfied with their usage. These services can be classified into two main groups: health management and clinical. The… 

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A text mining approach using electronically processed medical records is put forward, and the K-Nearest Neighbor technique is applied as a white-box multiclass classifier approach to classify each instance, mapping it to the corresponding ICD-9-based standard code.

Enhanced Automatic Classification of Epilepsy Diagnosis Using ICD9 and SNOMED-CT

The proposed system contributes in enhancing the accuracy in the classification of the diagnosis by identifying the type of epilepsy and mapping it with the standard codes of ICD-9 and Systematized Nomenclature Of Medicine—Clinical Terms (SNOMED-CT).

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If informatics systems are increasingly essential in the delivery of health care then their integrity and quality must be of equal importance, but this has been scarcely recognised to date.

Quality of Health Information Systems

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines quality in general as the ability to meet all the expectations of the purchaser of goods or services, or in other words, as the degree

Security in health-care information systems - current trends

[Integration of information for health interventions: from data to information and from information to action. 2008 SESPAS Report].

A national agreement is urgently required on the minimal functionalities of HIS, while respecting their technical nature and management by autonomous governments.

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This volume examines the various levels at which health system performance is undertaken, the technical instruments and tools available, and the implications using these may have for those charged with the governance of the health system.

Refinement of the HCUP Quality Indicators

This project aims to identify quality indicators reported in the literature and in use by health care organizations, evaluate both HCUP I QIs and other indicators using literature review and novel empirical methods, and make recommendations for the HCUP II QI set and further research.

A Framework for the Production and Analysis of Hospital Quality Indicators

The development of a framework for the production and analysis of hospital quality indicators is described, which includes a set of national and international evaluated measures that can be calculated using already available data.

Defining and classifying clinical indicators for quality improvement.

  • J. Mainz
  • Medicine, Political Science
    International journal for quality in health care : journal of the International Society for Quality in Health Care
  • 2003
Monitoring health care quality is impossible without the use of clinical indicators, and they create the basis for quality improvement and prioritization in the health care system.