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HAWC Contributions to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015)

  title={HAWC Contributions to the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015)},
  author={Hawc Collaboration A.U. Abeysekara and R. Alfaro and C. {\'A}lvarez and Juan de Dios {\'A}lvarez and Roberto Arceo and Juan Carlos Arteaga-Vel'azquez and H. A. Ayala Solares and Ahron S. Barber and Brian M. Baughman and Nazario Bautista-Elivar and J. Becerra Gonz{\'a}lez and Ana Delia Becerril and Ernesto Belmont and Segev Y. BenZvi and David Berley and Abel Bernal and James E. Braun and Karen S. Caballero-Mora and T. Capistr'an and A. Carrami{\~n}ana and M A Castillo and U. Cotti and J. Cotzomi and Sara Coutino de Le'on and E. De la Fuente and C. de Le'on and Tyce DeYoung and Ram{\'o}n D{\'i}az Hern{\'a}ndez and Luz Amparo D{\'i}az-Cruz and J. C. D'iaz-V'elez and B. L. Dingus and Michael DuVernois and R. W. Ellsworth and K. Engel and O. Enŕıquez-Rivera and Brian E. Fick and D. W. Fiorino and Jorge L. Flores and Nissim Fraija and Guillermo Garcia-Torales and F. Garfias and M. Magdalena Gonz'alez and Jordan A. Goodman and Michael Gussert and Zigfried Hampel-Arias and Patricia Hansen and James Patrick Harding and S. Hern{\'a}ndez and C. M. Hui and Petra Huntemeyer and Asif Imran and A. Iriarte and Peter Karn and David Kieda and Gerd J. Kunde and Alejandro Lara and R. J. Lauer and W. H. Lee and D. Lennarz and H. Le{\'o}n Vargas and J. T. Linnemann and Megan Longo Proper and G. Luis Raya and R. Luna-Garc'ia and Kelly Malone and Antonio Marinelli and Samuel Marinelli and H. Martinez and O. Martinez and J. Mart'inez-Castro and J. A. Matthews and Julie Mcenery and Pedro Miranda-Romagnoli and E. Moreno and Miguel Mostaf'a and Lukas Nellen and M. Newbold and M. U. Nisa and R. Noriega-Papaqui and T. Oceguera-Becerra and Barbara Patricelli and Rodrigo Pelayo and E. G. P'erez-P'erez and Jennifer Pretz and Z. Ren and Chang D. Rho and C. Rivi{\`e}re and Daniel Rosa-Gonz'alez and J. L. Ryan and Humberto Ibarguen Salazar and Francisco Salesa Greus and A. Sandoval and M. Schneider and G. Sinnis and A. J. Smith and A. W. Smith and Kathryne Sparks Woodle and R. W. Springer and Ignacio J. Taboada and Omar Tibolla and Patrick A. Toale and K. Tollefson and I. Torres and Tilan N. Ukwatta and L. Villase{\~n}or and Thomas Weisgarber and Stefan Westerhoff and Ian G. Wisher and Jeffrey Scott Wood and T. Yapici and Gaurang B. Yodh and Patrick Younk and A. Zepeda and H. Zhou},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
Author(s): Collaboration, HAWC; Abeysekara, AU; Alfaro, R; Alvarez, C; Alvarez, JD; Arceo, R; Arteaga-Velazquez, JC; Solares, HA Ayala; Barber, AS; Baughman, BM; Bautista-Elivar, N; Gonzalez, J Becerra; Becerril, A; Belmont, E; BenZvi, SY; Berley, D; Bernal, A; Braun, J; Caballero-Mora, KS; Capistran, T; Carraminana, A; Castillo, M; Cotti, U; Cotzomi, J; Leon, S Coutino de; Fuente, E de la; Leon, C De; DeYoung, T; Hernandez, R Diaz; Diaz-Cruz, L; Diaz-Velez, JC; Dingus, BL; DuVernois, MA… 

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