HAS-V: A New Hash Function with Variable Output Length

  title={HAS-V: A New Hash Function with Variable Output Length},
  author={N. K. Park and J. Hwang and P. Lee},
  booktitle={Selected Areas in Cryptography},
  • N. K. Park, J. Hwang, P. Lee
  • Published in
    Selected Areas in…
  • Computer Science
  • Hash functions play an essential role in many areas of cryptographic applications such as digital signature, authentication, and key derivation. In this paper, we propose a new hash function with variable output length, namely HAS-V, to meet the needs of various security levels desired among different applications. A great deal of attention was paid to balance the characteristics of security and performance. The use of message expansion, 4-variable Boolean functions, variable and fixed amounts… CONTINUE READING
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