HART: A Hybrid Architecture for Ray Tracing Animated Scenes

  title={HART: A Hybrid Architecture for Ray Tracing Animated Scenes},
  author={Jae-Ho Nah and Jin Woo Kim and Kyoungjun Park and Won-Jong Lee and Jeong-Soo Park and Seokyoon Jung and Woo-Chan Park and Dinesh Manocha and Tack-Don Han},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics},
We present a hybrid architecture, inspired by asynchronous BVH construction [1], for ray tracing animated scenes. Our hybrid architecture utilizes heterogeneous hardware resources: dedicated ray-tracing hardware for BVH updates and ray traversal and a CPU for BVH reconstruction. We also present a traversal scheme using a primitive's axis-aligned bounding box (PrimAABB). This scheme reduces ray-primitive intersection tests by reusing existing BVH traversal units and the primAABB data for tree… CONTINUE READING
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