HARP/ACSIS: a submillimetre spectral imaging system on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

  title={HARP/ACSIS: a submillimetre spectral imaging system on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope},
  author={Jane V. Buckle and Richard E. Hills and Harvey Smith and William R. F. Dent and Graham Bell and Erica K.M. Curtis and Roger Dace and Heidi Schreuder Gibson and Sarah Graves and Jamie Leech and John S. Richer and Ronald D. Williamson and Stafford Withington and G. Mohamed Yassin and Ron Bennett and Peter Hastings and I M Laidlaw and John F. Lightfoot and Thomas W. Burgess and Peter E. Dewdney and G. R. Hovey and A. G. Willis and Rebecca A. Redman and Bob Wooff and David S. Berry and Ben Cavanagh and Graham R. Davis and J. W. Dempsey and Petra Friberg and Tim Jenness and Russell D. Kackley and Nigel Rees and Remo P. J. Tilanus and Christian H. E. Walther and Wilbert Zwart and Teun M. Klapwijk and Matthias Kroug and T Toon Zijlstra},
This paper describes a new Heterodyne Array Receiver Program (HARP) and Auto-Correlation Spectral Imaging System (ACSIS) that have recently been installed and commissioned on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. The 16-element focal-plane array receiver, operating in the submillimetre from 325 to 375 GHz, offers high (three-dimensional) mapping speeds, along with significant improvements over single-detector counterparts in calibration and image quality. Receiver temperatures are ∼120 K across… CONTINUE READING


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