author={Guillaume Barraquand and Alexei Borodin and Ivan Corwin},
  journal={Forum of Mathematics, Pi},
Macdonald processes are measures on sequences of integer partitions built using the Cauchy summation identity for Macdonald symmetric functions. These measures are a useful tool to uncover the integrability of many probabilistic systems, including the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang (KPZ) equation and a number of other models in its universality class. In this paper, we develop the structural theory behind half-space variants of these models and the corresponding half-space Macdonald processes. These… 
Free field approach to the Macdonald process
The Macdonald process is a stochastic process on the collection of partitions that is a $(q,t)$-deformed generalization of the Schur process. In this paper, we approach the Macdonald process
Stationary measures for the log-gamma polymer and KPZ equation in half-space
. We construct explicit one-parameter families of stationary measures for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in half-space with Neumann boundary conditions at the origin, as well as for the log-gamma
Positive random walks and an identity for half-space SPDEs
The purpose of this article is threefold. First, we introduce a new type of boundary condition for the multiplicative-noise stochastic heat equation on the half space. This is essentially a Dirichlet
Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions, combinatorial identities, and half-space Yang-Baxter random field
Abstract. Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric polynomials labeled by partitions were recently introduced by Borodin and Wheeler in the context of higher spin six vertex models, which are
Shift invariance of half space integrable models
. We formulate and establish symmetries of certain integrable half space models, analogous to recent results on symmetries for models in a full space. Our starting point is the colored stochastic six
Stationary Half-Space Last Passage Percolation
In this paper we study stationary last passage percolation with exponential weights and in half-space geometry. We determine the limiting distribution of the last passage time in a critical window
The geometric Burge correspondence and the partition function of polymer replicas
We construct a geometric lifting of the Burge correspondence as a composition of local birational maps on generic Young-diagram-shaped arrays. We establish its fundamental relation to the geometric
Random walk on nonnegative integers in beta distributed random environment
We consider random walks on the nonnegative integers in a space-time dependent random environment. We assume that transition probabilities are given by independent Beta(μ, μ) distributed random
Half-space stationary Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation beyond the Brownian case
We study the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang (KPZ) equation on the half-line x ⩾ 0 with Neumann type boundary condition. Stationary measures of the KPZ dynamics were characterized in recent work: they depend on
An identity in distribution between full-space and half-space log-gamma polymers
We prove an identity in distribution between two kinds of partition functions for the log-gamma directed polymer model: (1) the point-to-point partition function in a quadrant, (2) the point-to-line


Macdonald processes
Macdonald processes are probability measures on sequences of partitions defined in terms of nonnegative specializations of the Macdonald symmetric functions and two Macdonald parameters $$q,t \in
KPZ and Airy limits of Hall-Littlewood random plane partitions
In this paper we consider a probability distribution on plane partitions, which arises as a one-parameter generalization of the q^{volume} measure. This generalization is closely related to the
Stochastic six-vertex model in a half-quadrant and half-line open asymmetric simple exclusion process
We consider the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) on the positive integers with an open boundary condition. We show that, when starting devoid of particles and for a certain boundary
Symmetric and nonsymmetric Hall-Littlewood polynomials of type BC
Koornwinder polynomials are a 6-parameter BC_n-symmetric family of Laurent polynomials indexed by partitions, from which Macdonald polynomials can be recovered in suitable limits of the parameters.
The ASEP and Determinantal Point Processes
We introduce a family of discrete determinantal point processes related to orthogonal polynomials on the real line, with correlation kernels defined via spectral projections for the associated Jacobi
Pfaffian Schur processes and last passage percolation in a half-quadrant
We study last passage percolation in a half-quadrant, which we analyze within the framework of Pfaffian Schur processes. For the model with exponential weights, we prove that the fluctuations of the
The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation and universality class
Brownian motion is a continuum scaling limit for a wide class of random processes, and there has been great success in developing a theory for its properties (such as distribution functions or
Dynamical stochastic higher spin vertex models
We introduce a new family of integrable stochastic processes, called dynamical stochastic higher spin vertex models, arising from fused representations of Felder’s elliptic quantum group $$E_{\tau ,